Fake Fans (Music Video)


The Proposal


Fir Island (Real Estate Video)

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Cinematic Baseball B-Roll

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A Day Behind the Tray (Documentary)

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Kuoppala Wedding Day


About Me

"Happiness over everything."

My name Is Sonny Mauricio. I am a freelance photographer, videographer, and graphic designer from Juneau, Alaska. My portfolio can be very diverse as I cover an array of media.

Whether you are looking for video, photos, or graphic design work you will find some of everything. I believe that having a skillset in all three can be very beneficial as all three are often used together in most projects.

Outside of the creative work I am still creating for fun! I am always looking for new things to photograph and explore. I like to step outside my comfort zone and experiment with new creative techniques and challenge myself. I am always learning everyday because I truly love what I do.

Snowy Mountain Peaks

"Sonny is absolutely amazing and very talented with the lens. With everything going on with Covid-19, our Senior missed out on so much when it came to school. We really wanted his senior pictures to stand out and have that WOW factor, so that he at least had one good memory of his last year in High school. Well, Sonny went above and beyond anything asked of him and definitely fulfilled all our wants and needs. I told him I want him to do all of our family pictures from now on. If you’re looking for a professional and respectable photographer, look no further. Sincerely, One happy customer." 

—  April & Zach, Graduation Portraits

Contact Me  |  Tel: 360-610-9675

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